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Auxiliary equipment

  • Direct- Fired Hot Air Furnace ()
    Overview: Direct-fired hot air furnace is directly use flue gas, it is a kind of heating arrangement which use coal, firewood and shell as it’s flue, put the flue into primary zone to obtain heat. Spinning form secondary combustion chamber.
  • Series Heat Conducting Oil Heating Device ()
    Overview: The machine is developed by our company, it is aim at the situation that temperature of hot water can’t reach the target and customer doesn’t want to use boiler to obtain high temperature.
  • MC Series Pulse Bag Filter ()
    Overview: After the dust laden air passes through bottom from air inlet, parts of it deposit, light particle dust will be stopped by bag filter. The purified air penetrates bag filter and passes into top chamber through venturi tube and exhausts from outlet.
  • Washing Tower ()
    Overview: When the gas attacks the moist wall, the dust particle is stuck by the wall. When the gas touch the sprayed water drop, the liquid agglutinate on dust particle, increase particle weight, make it fall and recover.
  • Series Presser ()
    Overview: The material is paved evenly on belt distributing device, it could removing most of moisture and discharging from rear after pressing, displacing and cutting by several ‘S’ shape press rollers.
  • T Series Ethanol Recovery Tower ()
    Overview: The equipment uses the principle that the boiling point of ethanol is lower than that of water and their solution. It applies the temperature that is higher than the boiling point of ethanol slightly to heat and vaporize dilute solution.
  • JRF Series Coal Combustion Hot Air Furnace ()
    Overview: The furnace combines the combustion with heat exchange in one body, using the latest indirect heating technology that heat exchange is taken place at the position of high temperature in the furnace.
  • GMF Series Coal Fuel High-temperature Hot Air Furnace ()
    Overview: The drier is equipped with mechanical chain grating coal-burning device. Heat exchanger can be adopt in high-temperature plate pipe and hot pipe, with the advantage of high temperature output, high heat value and high thermal efficiency, could prepare cleaning air from 100℃ to 450℃.
  • RLY Series Oil and Gas Fuel Hot Air Furnace ()
    Overview: It is widely used for drying, solidifying and heat setting for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff, textile, dyeing, food, grain processing, automobile industries and so on.
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