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Granulating&Coating equipment

  • QXL Turbojet Fluid Bed Granulator/ Coater ()
    Overview: QXL Turbojet fluid-bed granulator coater has vane-shape bottom of hopper which has a certain lean, let the air flow pass through the rift then form circle-shape strong air flow, it makes material rotate as regular turbojet movement.
  • FLP Fluid Bed Granulator/ Pelletizer/ Coater ()
    Overview: FLP Granulator/ Coater/ Pelletizer is multi-function equipment integrated spray drying- granulating-centrifugal spray pelletizing-fluid coating-drying in one body. The machine combines various process operations.
  • DPL Fluid Bed Granulator/ Coater ()
    Overview: Fluid-bed coater is a new style coating equipment that combined fluid-bed spraying technology and coating well. It is wide used for film slow and control releasing coating, framework slow and control releasing capsule, pellet coating, granule, powder coating, etc.
  • XZB Rotating Fluid Bed Granulator/ Pelletizer/ Coater ()
    Overview: The rotating speed of plate is continuous and adjustable. The pellet in fluid bed at floating state, its surface is compact and high degree of ball.Suitable for powder granulating, granule coating,
  • FL Fluid Bed Granulator ()
    Overview: The powder material is in a boiling state in fluid bed, heated and mixed by filtered hot air. Then spray binder into fluid bed, make the dry powder material agglomerate and become granules.
  • GHL Series High Speed Mixing Granulator ()
    Overview: The powder raw material and binder in barrel will be stirred into wet soft material by stirring oar, and then be cut into uniform wet granule by cutting oar.
  • QZL Pelletizer ()
    Overview: This machine makes damp granule into beautiful pellet by setting rotating centrifugal disk, blower, and pneumatic nozzle. Feed damp granule into rotating centrifugal disk, start fan then start rotating centrifugal disk.
  • GZL High Efficiency Extruding Granulator ()
    Overview: The machine uses special star type decelerator, sieve and grind impeller moved respectively. Pushing the material between impeller and sieve, it could easy to get column shape product from sieve. Scrape impeller outside the sieve makes the product into uniform size, consistent length pellet,
  • XL Series Extruding Granulating Machine ()
    Overview: The machine will make different size of granule according to change different diameter size of sieve. Special version should be offered when the material has high viscosity. XL has a high success rate in making material into column shape granule.
  • BK-160 Series Swaying Granulator ()
    Overview: The machine combines the advantages of pneumatic transmission and conduction heating technology and uses sir or inert gas as carried medium. The material film lifted along with helix at inner wall of jacket body will obtain heat continuously and will be dried within 3-15.
  • KZL Series High Speed Grinder ()
    Overview: This machine is suitable for crushing and processing granule of Chinese traditional medicine, Western medicine, foodstuff, chemicals, pigments, feed and so on.The specifications and shapes of granule made by different kinds of granulating process and granulator are different.
  • PGL Spraying Dryer Granulator ()
    Overview: Pharmaceutical industry: tablet, infusion, capsule granule, granule of Chinese medicine without sugar or with low sugar.Foodstuff industry: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granule, flavoring and so on.
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