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Specialized drying equipment

  • CT, CT-C Hot-air Circulating Drying Oven (Patented, High-tech products)
    Overview: The product was upgraded and regenerated for several times and has reached to advanced level both at China and all over the world. It uses steam or electric heater as heating resource and uses axial fan, heat exchanger to heat air in convective way.


  • GMP Oven ()
    Overview: 1. The heat resource for choice has steam, heat conducting oil, electricity, both steam and electricity.2. Operation temperature: steam 50-140℃, max 150℃;electricity 50-350℃; oil 150-250℃.
  • SMH Series Channel Type Sterilization ()
    Overview: SMH sreies channel type sterilization oven is designed and reformed by our company with combined client’s advice.Construction is compact, beautiful appearance with large capacity.
  • YZG/FZG Series Vacuum Dryer ()
    Overview: It is well known that vacuum drying is to put raw material to the state of vacuum for heating and drying. Use vacuum pump to suck air and humidity out, drying speed will be faster.
  • SZG Series Double Cone Rotating ()
    Overview: SZG double cone rotating vacuum drier has double cone rotating tank. Under the state of vacuum inside the tank, import heat medium into jacket for heating, the heat energy can contact with the damp raw material through the inner wall.
  • HZG Series Rotating Cylinder Dryer ()
    Overview: It is suitable for drying raw materials that have large size and heavy specific gravity. For example: ore, slag of blast furnace, coal, metallic powder, phosphorus fertilizer, ammonium sulphate and so on.
  • Multi-Loop Rotating Cylinder Dryer ()
    Overview: Multi-Loop rotating cylinder Dryer is a new type continuous dryer which designed on foundation of absorbing foreign technology. The machine is equipped 3 sets inner barrel. Raw material fed from screw import,
  • DWF Series Mesh-Belt Dryer ()
    Overview: DWF mesh-belt dryer is continuous drying equipment. The machine is used for drying the piece, strip and particle shape materials with good ventilation.
  • DWP Series Mesh-Belt Dryer ()
    Overview: DWP series mesh-belt dryer is mainly used for drying fiber plate, plaster plate, paper case plate, pulp film, coated cloth etc. The machine is also suitable for drying the sheet state material and some special materials.
  • Special Belt Drying Unit ()
    Overview: Length, width and layers of mesh-belt is adjustable by requirement.The mechanical pre-dewatering process could remove massive moisture on leaf surface, this reduced the drying strength, and reduced the energy consumption.
  • Special Belt Drying Unit for Pigments ()
    Overview: Pigment belt dryer is designed and manufactured by our company aim at the character of pigment, such as: high moisture content, sticky, high moisture evaporation, small size and small specific gravity.
  • Steel Belt Dryer ()
    Overview: Distributing device paves raw material on steel belt uniformly. Steel belt conveys raw material into machine, compound heating resource heating the material. The moisture will be evaporated by dehumidifier.
  • PGC Series Plate Dryer ()
    Overview: Wet materials are fed continuously to the first drying layer on the top of dryer. Materials will be turned and stirred by rakes when the rake arm rotates and flow through the surface of drying plate along the exponential helical line.
  • PGZ Series Vacuum Plate Dryer ()
    Overview: Feeding material into vacuum plate drier, because boiling point of material will fall under the state of vacuum and along with the rake turning over continuously, the surface of material will be changed continuously.
  • XGW Rotating Board Dryer ()
    Overview: This machine is belong to the type of out heating or vertical turbine drier. Rely on the action of central turbofan, it can input different hot air amount and waste gas cycle in accordance with every section to promote convective drying and make material dry.
  • Vertical Stirring Vacuum Dryer ()
    Overview: This machine features is innovative in design, compact in structure, simple in control, uniform in drying, low energy consumption, wide in application field. It is suitable for drying crystal, amorphous, powder,
  • Cone-Shape Mixing Dryer ()
    Overview: Being adapted jacket for heating, decrease energy consumption. Being adapted vacuum drying, could keep heat and mass transfer, especially suit for thermal sensitive material.
  • ZHG Series Vacuum Rake Dryer ()
    Overview: Being adapted large-scale jacket heating, its heat conducting area is large and heat efficiency is high.Being installed stirrer in the machine, it makes raw material form the state of continuous circle inside the body, so heating uniformity of raw material is raised greatly.
  • “Three in One” Multifunctional Dryer ()
    Overview: Vacuum filter, washing and drying multi-function drier is designed and manufactured by our factory on the basis of absorbing abroad advanced technique, principle and characteristic of “three in one” equipment.
  • KJG Series Oar Blade Dryer ()
    Overview: KJG Oar blade dryer is a kind of conduction heating and low rotating speed-stirring type drier. There is jacket on the body of drier, hollow oar blade on the hollow shaft, filling heating medium in them,
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