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Centrifugal spray dryer use, maintenance, troubleshooting

First, before using centrifugal spray dryer should be check the following:

1, check the dryer device bearing and seal part of the junction of the availability of loose;

2, check the various mechanical parts lubricant condition and water, wind, slurry pipe valve port is in the desired position;

3, check the pipe connections installed sealing material, and then connect it to let non-heated air into the drying chamber;

4, check the door and observation apertures closed and leaks;

5, check the centrifugal fan running direction of rotation is correct;

6, check the centrifugal fan at the outlet of regulating butterfly valve is turned on, do not put the butterfly valve shut, otherwise it will damage the electric heater and air-intake, this must be given sufficient attention;

Check the feed pump connecting pipe is connected, the correct direction of rotation of the motor and pump;

8, check the top of the drying chamber is placed to the spray head is covered, so as not to leak;

9, atomizer oil cooling pipe connector is connected, the cooling water is turned on.

Then, turn on the power check the voltage and instrumentation is normal the final inspection slurry stirred the barrel slurry amount and concentration, should be immediately removed if there is a problem.

  Second, the day-to-day operations

1, first open the centrifugal fan, and then turn on the electric heating, and check for leakage, such as normal to warm-up Flashlight determine the evaporation capacity of the drying equipment, hot air preheat, without affecting the quality of the material to be dried the premise, as far as possible to improve the inlet air temperature;

, Preheat the bottom of the drying chamber and cyclone at the outlet valve must be closed to prevent cold air into the drying chamber, reducing warm-up efficiency;

3, when the inlet temperature of the drying chamber head 180 ° C to 220 ° C, open the centrifugal nozzle when the nozzle reaches a maximum speed of, open the feed pump, solid to liquid, feeding quantity should be small to large, otherwise it will produce sticky wall phenomenon until it is adjusted to an appropriate amount. The concentration of the feed solution should be formulated according to the material of the nature of the drying temperature, in order to ensure that the finished product after drying have good flowability;

4, the temperature and humidity of the drying of the finished product, depending on the exhaust temperature, during operation, is extremely important to ensure that the exhaust air temperature to a constant, which vary depending on the size of the feed amount, the feed amount adjustment stable outlet temperature does not change. The outlet temperature of the feed liquid solid content and flow changes also changes;

5, the temperature is too low, can reduce the feedstock to improve the outlet temperature. Product temperature is too high, and vice versa. Increase the quantity for the lower temperature of the heat-sensitive materials in order to reduce the exhaust temperature, but will be a corresponding increase in the humidity of the product;

6, the finished product after drying is collected in the lower part of the tower body and the lower part of the cyclone pollination, should be reversed before the pollination without full exchange pollination, you must first turn off at the butterfly valve can be carried out ;

7, if the drying of the finished product is hygroscopic, parts of the cyclone and its pipeline, pollination dressing, apply insulation materials to avoid drying of the finished product moisture absorption moisture.

In addition, the heat-sensitive, low softening point of the material, the exhaust temperature is too high, the material to be softened, the need to increase the amount of cooling air.

Third, the end of the cleaning

Centrifugal spray dryer normal operation, but also the timing rewinding regularly check the system is running, the recording of the process parameters. The end, you should first shut down the heating device and water instead of solid to liquid to flush the feeding tube residual solid to liquid, and then close the feed pump. When the inlet temperature is reduced to below 100 ° C can stop the blower and exhaust fan running. Then clean up the drying tower and precipitator than expected, turn off the dust collector and air hammer, and finally shut off the main power supply, complete production operation. In case of emergency, you must immediately shut down the equipment, you should first shut down the blower and the feed pump. If you suddenly encountered a power outage, so the tower natural cooling, and then open the drain valve, the slurry drained slurry pipeline, and cleaning equipment.

In addition, after use spray disk should be removed, immersed in water, the residue clean water. Wash off with water, scrub. Seriously affect the life of the nozzle spray residue on the spray disk will bring unbalance, and even damage to other parts. The nozzle end of work and avoid lying down during transport. Is not put correctly, the spindle will bend, impact, and thus put one would expect holder.


In order to ensure the drying tower its pipeline and all contact with the finished parts cleaning, first-class products, regular cleaning equipment is very necessary. When replacement of the product variety, or the equipment has been discontinued for 24 hours or more without cleaning, should be a comprehensive and thorough cleaning.

The cleaning method, according to the actual choice for dry cleaning, wet wash or chemical washing.

Dry Cleaning: with a brush, vacuum (for small dryer).

The wet wash: 60 to 80 ° C in the hot water for cleaning.

The chemical wash: wash with lye, acid and various detergents. Wherein the pickling: HNO3 dubbed 1 to 2% concentration of the solution, the heating temperature not exceeding 65 ° C and washed, and then washed with water; caustic: NaOH dubbed to 0.5 to 1% of the concentration of the solution, the heating temperature does not exceed 65 ℃ wash, then rinse with clear water.

When wet cleaning and chemical cleaning, equipment and components should be installed, high-temperature sterilization, time 15 ~ 30min.

Equipment cleaning, be careful not to use chlorine and its compounds washing.

Air filter cleaning, should be the ambient conditions, namely, the level of air dust content may be generally high levels of 3 to 6 weeks to clean, low dust content of 6 to 8 weeks cleaned once. Within the framework of stainless steel filaments, washed with alkaline cleaning method should be laid evenly to the air filter and spray light spindle oil or vacuum pump oil.

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