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Sludge industry

  • Sludge fluid bed dryer ()
    Overview: Put wet sludge which produced after the machinery dehydration in fluid bed drier. It will in suspended and boiling state under the function of high temperature gas. High temperature gas and sludge are in across countercurrent. As heating medium, high temperature gas will be evaporated in drying process.
  • Sludge paddle dryer ()
    Overview: 1 Feeding. Using helical conveyor feeding dehydrated sludge which solid content rate is 15%-30%, some times will carry out pre-mixing for tiny dried sludge after sieved and wet sludge according to characteristic of sludge.2 Heat resource producing.The machine could use steam or oil to be as resource of heat exchange.
  • Sludge rotary dryer ()
    Overview: After the damp raw material is put into the drier by feeder, it is turned over through stirring-up rake inside the cylinder and distributed uniform in the drier and contacted with countercurrent hot air fully, it accelerate heat and mass transfer. This machine could be equipped with different rake in accordance with different material.
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