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  Years passed quickly and things have become all the time,We meet the hope of new century.
  Look back the course gone by"Changjin"people,sign with emotion myriad.Let the undergone bitter and pleasure seal with time.Thing remembered in heart is just the constant faith!
  Step to the times with wisdom and enthusiasm together,"Changjin"will advocate the managing ideal of management foremost and do its best to introduce and train a qualified team with diligence,unity and toughness and let one who has talent has developing chenge and space.The changeable market and realistic competition make"Changjin"people change and mature and promote the enterprise to grow quickly.This is the affirmation to the payment and achievement of "Changjin" people.Meanwhile "Changjin" people believe firmly that diligences,earnest and wisdom will get acceptablility and payback certainly.
  No matter yeserday,today and tomorrow,the cause of "Changjin" cannot do without the support and help from customers and friends fully."Accredit,Co-operation,Reciprocity,Developing" will be as the core of "Changjin" activities and cannot change forever.
  "Changjin" is willing bo become rich land for people with lofty ideals to develop themselves and become reliable and trusted cooperative partner too.

Board Chairman/General Manager:Zha Xiaofeng

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