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Hot Products

  • CT, CT-C Hot-air Circulating Drying Oven

    The product was upgraded and regenerated for several times and has reached to advanced level both at China and all over the world. It uses steam or electric heater as heating resource and uses axial fan, heat exchanger to heat air in convective way.
    CT, CT-C Hot-air Circulating Drying Oven
  • SMH Series Channel Type Sterilization

    SMH sreies channel type sterilization oven is designed and reformed by our company with combined client’s advice.Construction is compact, beautiful appearance with large capacity.
    SMH Series Channel Type Sterilization
  • YZG/FZG Series Vacuum Dryer

    It is well known that vacuum drying is to put raw material to the state of vacuum for heating and drying. Use vacuum pump to suck air and humidity out, drying speed will be faster.
    YZG/FZG Series Vacuum Dryer
  • Multi-Loop Rotating Cylinder Dryer

    Multi-Loop rotating cylinder Dryer is a new type continuous dryer which designed on foundation of absorbing foreign technology. The machine is equipped 3 sets inner barrel. Raw material fed from screw import,
    Multi-Loop Rotating Cylinder Dryer
  • Vertical Stirring Vacuum Dryer

    This machine features is innovative in design, compact in structure, simple in control, uniform in drying, low energy consumption, wide in application field. It is suitable for drying crystal, amorphous, powder,
    Vertical Stirring Vacuum Dryer

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